The Singapore Trampoline Academy aims to coach individuals in the basic fundamental skills of trampoline in a safe and secure environment. Using a program called Jump Acrobat to develop skills. Individuals will undertake a reward-based program to complete skills in a methodical way, ensuring skills that are required for somersault progressions are established early, this aids in the development to higher levels. 

The coach to student ratio will aim to be a maximum of 1:8 and lessons will be conducted in an hour session in 8-week blocks. The aim will be to achieve a performance team that can compete in the Singapore Open Competition and other local competitions as they arise. Feeding athletes into the Singapore Gymnastics Long Term Athlete Development Plan. This is an achievable goal should athletes follow the Singapore Trampoline Academy  development program


coach education 

Coach Development and education, preparing individuals to qualify as NCAP Level 1 coaches in the Singapore Gymnastics coaching scheme, utilising the Jump Acrobat coaching manual and practises. We can provide individuals with coaching preparation and mentoring following the Jump Acrobat Coaching Syllabus. The coaches will undertake Theory and Practical training and assessments developing technical knowledge and understanding. Aiming to deliver trampoline coaching in a safe manner, using consolidated progressions to alleviate the chance of unnecessary risk in the sport. Coaches learn, basic and advanced skills up to somersaults and understand routine construction and lesson planning to gain athlete development at the beginner levels.