Trampoline Lessons 

We provide lessons for Beginners to advanced athletes in a secure and safe environment. Dedicated to bringing a team ethos to an Individual sport. 


Jump ACrobat - Beginner lessons 

Beginner trampoline Lessons, we specialise in a Jump Acrobat trampoline program. Jump Acrobat is a recreational “Learn to Trampoline” skills program based on the Long Term Trampoline Athlete Development (LTTAD) model released by Gymnastics Canada.  The program is broken down into age groups to fit appropriately into the LTTAD. Courses are over an 8 week term, 1 hour of lessons per week. Trampolinists hone skills on the floor, trampoline and Tumble track, as well as learning safety rolls, improving spacial awareness and motor skills. 


academy LESSONS

Competitive training programs align with Singapore Gymnastics and the Technical Handbook for Trampoline Gymnastics.

Competitive trampoline athletes undertake individual bespoke training programs and goal setting to maximise performance potential.  Athletes train in 1.5 hour classes. Squad members use the Jump Acrobat Fundamentals as a stepping stone to undertaking the more advanced trampoline skills including somersaults. 

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Freestyle - Trampoline

The Freestyle Trampoline Jump Acrobat Development Program includes:

Safety Landings, Grabs, Spins, Drops, Spins with Grabs, Switch Spins, Connecting Drops, Spin Between Drops, Basic Tumbling, Off-Axis Flip Progressions. Athlete are taught to do all spinning skills in both the left and right direction. Freestyle Trampoline lessons to help you prepare in the off season, hone aerial skills and learn progressions for snow sports on a trampoline.