The Singapore Trampoline Academy has been founded by Jessica Hinton a Level 4 Senior Club Coach from the UK, specialising in trampoline and fitness. Discipline, camaraderie and team spirit is at the forefront of her coaching. She endeavors to challenge individuals to achieve results never thought possible, breaking boundaries, teaching trust and building pride.

Trampolining became her predominant sport from the age of 3 as a competitor and then in the latter as a coach, where she qualified as a Level 4 senior club coach by the age of 22. At her home club she became responsible for goal setting and the training programs for National level competitors. As a multi-sport team player she aims to incorporate many different styles of coaching to trampolining and believes her ability to trampoline set the conditions for achieving a good representation level in Football, Hockey, Rugby, Netball and Country running.

Bringing the ‘Military Edge’ to coaching as a former British Army Officer. She commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2010, with 5 ½ years active service. During her time at Sandhurst her sporting accolades were commended with the John Piele prize of contribution to Academy sport. The link between sport and leadership was at the forefront of her command.   

After her military career ended in 2015 her focus turned to instructing and coaching where she instructed security courses in the Middle East and UK before deciding to return to her passion, which is sport and trampoline. She has been in Singapore as the Lead Coach for Jump Acrobat Trampoline Lessons since April 2016. 


•   Level 4 Senior Club Trampoline Coach - British Gymnastics 

*  NCAP Level 2 Trampoline Coach - Singapore Gymnastics 

•   Level 5 diploma- Leadership and Management

•   Level 3 Self Defence Instructor UK SDMAG

•   Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching (AET)

•   Level 2 Club Judge Trampoline

•   ACE Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor

•   NROC accredited Trampoline Coach  

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Guest Coaches


Founder and developer of the Jump Acrobat program. Level 3 Canadian Coach and Former Australian National team member. Singapore Gymnastics NCAP Level 2 trampoline coach. Avid snowboarder based in Whistler, Canada. She developed the Air 1 and Air 2 Freestyle Trampoline courses for the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association. Louise visits Singapore regularly to conduct Freestyle camps and to prepare Squad athletes for competition. 


The Academy

We are passionate and dedicated to the growth and development of competitive trampolining in Singapore. Developed by qualified international coaches our Academy offers trampoline programs for beginners as well as athletes who aspire to compete at an international level. Strength and conditioning training is also provided by our coaches, which compliments the development of trampoline athletes and is made available to the wider fitness community.